27 January 2008

barcamp-geeks-this-way.jpgYesterday was a great success at the Barcamp (http://www.barcampbangkok.org). It was all in all a great day, starting with a very pleasant half hour walk in the morning cool along Sukhumvit Road to the restaurant where the event was held. It’s quite a place, a large, expensive Indian restaurant (lunch was great, by the way). You can see pictures of it at http://www.indusbangkok.com/.


There were about 150 people there, of which about 15 were Indian, European, and American, with the rest Thais. Presentations were about a half hour each. I presented “Unix Command Line Productivity Tips”. We wrote our prospective subjects on papers which we affixed to the wall, and then voted on them. As you can see, each subject posted specified which language would be spoken in that session.
I also chaired a discussion on “Software Development in Thailand”, not to offer any information, but to learn and facilitate discussion. At the Barcamp I attended in Charlottesville, a similar discussion had been one of my favorites. It was a fascinating exchange between the Thai and foreign business owners/managers/consultants and the Thai software developers, most of whom had been out of school for only a few years and were junior in the field.